This site has been created and is maintained by Jon L. Gateley, a Military Department crewmember (YN2) from March 15, 1955 to near the end of March 1956.

Here's a list of my websites, or places where I have posted photo albums, that you can get to directly without going through a link:
To find me and my photo albums on classmates, search for me by name under California or use the link below. Classmates is, once again, allowing even "basic" members to view the photo albums.
Miami Beach Fire Department:
Augustana Hospital School of Nursing:
Page 10 is the LINKS page that has all of these sites and more. It will take you to these places with just a simple click. I think all the links are working but if you find one that is not, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks.

BIOGRAPHY: I posted a little time-line biography on my page called the "Money Page".

NEEDED: Some plan for succession when and if your beloved Webmaster receives his orders to report to that Great Navy in the Sky. It could happen suddenly and without warning. I keep the site paid up for two or three years in advance but I have absolutely nobody, at this time, who could even access it. I'm thinking. If you have any ideas, pass them on.  13 MAR 15: After an exhaustive two year search and a review of thousands of highly qualified applicants who eagerly sought this coveted billet, the Committee of One has decided upon a co-webmaster and probable successor. He doesn't know it yet.  We hope to making the announcement soon.
23 MARCH 2013 UPDATE:  This year is my sixth year with Parkinson's. A few months back a suspicious blood test confirmed that I have leukemia.  It's the slow-moving kind (CLL) where they only have to monitor white blood cells.  If the cells stay in the "normal" range, then nothing has to be done.  Thyroid is failing so:  Synthroid.  Testosterone is low so:  Testosterone. Iron level will dip into anemia territory and the only way to get it up is intravenous iron every so often at the local Cancer Center. Have moderate to severe radial neuropathy. Probably have some other yet undiagnosed problems.  BUT: Still play vigorous tennis twice a week, mow lawns, trim bushes, and do all kinds of maintenance work.  To see me out and about I don't look like I have anything wrong with me.  Do not have Alzheimer's (Thank the Good Lord) but am experiencing some degree of senility problems with respect to memory and anxiety. We don't hike anymore and walking is not as much fun as it used to be.  Hands occasionally tremble momentarily and I have to take a bit of time to write properly and legibly. Have some problems with speaking clearly.  Have to work at speaking now and take my time. Eyesight and hearing finally deteriorating to the point where I need to have glasses around (I have 36 pairs of 99 cent store glasses stashed away most everywhere). Hearing loss not bad enough yet for hearing aids, they say, but I have to have people speak a bit louder and clearly before I get the gist of all that they are saying and I will use the hearing impaired subtitles on everything that I watch if it is available. Starting to have high blood presssure so am taking COZZAR for blood pressure. I have moderate to severe insomnia with a medicine that I may take but they try to limit me to two a week on that stuff. For the insomnia I used and became addicted to Ambien  but successfully got through a  withdrawal.  Have back pain that had me on Vicodin for a while to which I became addicted but managed to go through a withdrawl ordeal.  BUT: Hallelujah I'm still cranking along very well and still have a lot of good times during the week.
13 MAR 15 mini-update: I do have hearing aids now!  I'm not sure that I can say that I can hear any better now but only that I hear a lot differently now. On 22 APR 13 one of our four sons, Jeff, #2 son, died in Salt Lake City. Sandy says:  "This is something that we will get past but we won't get over it". That about sums it up.
This page last tinkered with: 23 MAR 2013.  (Mini-tinkering on 13 MAR 15)

  • This website is mostly my twelve months' experience and time on the Barrett but it will also ultimately include history and facts on the ship as well as the crew. I will expand it from time to time as my time, ability and energy allows. There will be twenty pages. If all goes well this site will allow for input from others who knew and loved the Barrett. Changes will also come in format and content as I get better at it.
  • I have discovered that the graphics ability of this site is quite limited but there are some photos and information on On the link page click on Barrett Photo Album.
    Now (AUG 06) see for better and more recent photos. On my "LINKS" page there is a link to it.
  • Links to all twenty pages are now at the upper left of each page. I have also created a "links" page that provides quick and easy links to a lot of other sites. This site is hosted on It can be converted to a "real" website if and when I get ready to do it. It only takes mostly money.
  • 28 NOV 06: I don't maintain this site or any other site for my personal aggrandizement. Nothing that I have posted or written is copyrighted or reserved in any way by me. This material belongs to history, not to me. ONLY TO THE EXTENT OF ANY AUTHORITY VESTED IN ME I GRANT PERMISSION TO EVERYONE to use any of it anywhere, anytime you please. If you want to acknowledge me in anyway, I will be grateful. If you don't, I won't mind that either. The only part of my ego that is involved in what I do is trying to do a good job. I post this information and material only to try to preserve the memories of those great but bygone times and, perhaps, to reunite some people from that era. Nor do I make any money or even seek to do so from my activities. Feel free to post any links anywhere to any of my material with my blessing. If you would like to see any changes in anything, just let me know. I try to live my life in such a way that people will be grateful that I was here.
  • If you spot any "typos", grammatical errors, or sentences or statements that don't make a lot of sense, please let me know. I would like to correct them.

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